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We are leading Inline Exhaust Fans supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. We are offering many different brands and sizes of inline exhaust fans for industrial, commercial, and residential use. There are several types of fan available with us. Such as: Axial inline exhaust fans have only a single propeller and are best suited for installations with little ducting, no branches, and few curves. At low pressure, it effectively moves a lot of air. Centrifugal inline exhaust fans are appropriate for installations with longer duct runs as well as situations where there may be curves and branches. It moves a sizable volume of air under strong pressure.


In addition to increasing airflow and suction, inline exhaust fans are employed to ventilate confined environments. The flow in a centralized air conditioning system is improved by using them for forced cooling as well.

They are utilized for ventilating offices, bathrooms, cubicles, server facilities, lifts, walk-in wardrobes, garages, operation theaters, gyms, banquet halls, restaurants, smoking zones, basements, kitchens, and powder rooms, among other spaces.

How Inline Exhaust Fans Work

The inline exhaust fan provides airflow for air evacuation systems like ducted fume hoods. The purpose of the environmentally friendly inline exhaust fan is to eliminate hazardous pollutants from a workspace by fitting it into exhaust ducting. This unit can be mounted to ducted fume hoods, existing ducting, or van stone-style flanges. The operator can ON/OFF the unit and adjusts the airflow in accordance with application requirements using the mountable corded remote control.

The inline fan provides a cost-effective way to remove dangerous gases. To accommodate a wide range of ventilation requirements, inline fans are available in several configurations, sizes, and capabilities. They come in both straightforward single-port and adaptable multiport versions.

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A complete description of each product’s size, capacity, technical details, pressure curves, features, and accessories is provided. Before choosing your fan, please refer to this information, and if you need any additional help, get in touch with one of our fan experts. We also have the majority of models accessible for you to view in our showroom; feel free to phone ahead to confirm if we have a particular model on hand.