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Circular Inline Fan Supplier

We are a leading Circular inline fan supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Our offered inline fans are highly efficient, reliable and affordable. Our We offered Circular Inline Fans can be easily fitted in duct lines. This fan is renowned for its small design, ease of installation, robustness, low noise level, and efficiency. It was created primarily using the most recent technologies and premium-grade raw materials under the close supervision of our expert personnel. To ensure safety and adherence to the highest international standards for quality, it is meticulously inspected at every stage of manufacture. Additionally, this circular inline fan is available for purchase from us at reasonable prices.

What is Circular Inline Fan?

Circular Inline fan can be used to ventilate commercial and industrial spaces such as restrooms, cafeterias, laundry rooms, and offices as well as commercial and industrial buildings. It is designed for ducted systems with high air capacity requirements. Which provide quieter operation, reduced energy use, and full speed modulation. An inline fan integrates the advantages of an axial fan’s straight-through airflow with the advantages of a radial fan’s low noise level and high pressure.


Circular Inline Fans have an air capacity of up to 1600 CMH and have been developed for high air performance. We include overheating prevention with automatic restart and an exterior rotor in all of our fans. Our inline circular fans’ inlet and outlet diameters are built into the frame, saving on total design and installation costs. Special housing and aerodynamic impeller design both contribute to a reduction in total noise and vibration levels.

Circular Inline Fan Applications

These fans come with everything you need, are simple to install and can only be placed by one person. The circular inline fans are approved for installation in humid or wet environments since they are moisture-resistant. When connected to a duct system, the fans are rated IP44.

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