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We are reputed Inline duct fan supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. We take great pride in having established industry standards for versatile, dependable, small duct fans. Each inline duct fan is made with the utmost care to ensure the highest levels of reliability, usability, and quality while remaining small.

All of the options in our large collection of duct fans have highly effective EC motors for silent operation, and they are available with various connections and airflows.

What is Inline Duct Fan?

A duct fan, often referred to as an inline duct fan, is a fan that is mounted inside a ventilation duct as opposed to at the end or through a wall. Prior to determining whether or not this is a good strategy to satisfy your ventilation demands, it is important to understand the many duct fan variations.

Advantages and Benefits

Inline Duct fans are frequently used when the sight of a fan is not preferred. These sometimes entail the requirement to maintain an upscale form, such as in the bathrooms of expensive residences or in the lobbies of upscale hotels. Simply not using a fan at all won’t provide the ventilation that is necessary. The best practicable solution is concealing the fan inside the duct work and exposing only a low-profile grating.

Major ventilation is required in some industrial areas, however, there isn’t enough capacity for a standard industrial fan. The issue is resolved by installing the fan(s) in the ducts, making them double-duty.

A inline duct fan is useful in circumstances when placing a fan through the wall might compromise security. The fan delivers ventilation without luring would-be burglars because the duct work is often already secured when it leaves the building.

Inline Duct fan applications

Inline Duct fans are utilized for ventilation, and how they are situated often determines whether they exhaust air or draw it in. As a result, they are also known as duct vent fans. Some of these fans are designed specifically to boost the performance of ventilation systems that are too expensive for a single fan to handle.

These include duct booster fans like the Continental Fan. Multipurpose inline duct fans are a fantastic option for those who don’t require large duct fans. These more compact units work well for standard ventilation requirements.

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