Inline Fans are the most crucial components for handling air systems of industrial, residential and commercial sectors

Nowadays, most homes are generally insulated tightly with effective cooling or heating systems. Doors and windows are closed tightly, which makes the quality of indoor air bad. It results in the poor health of people living in these homes.

Closed doors and windows can lead to the stale and unhealthy circulation of indoor air, which can cause allergies, ruined furniture and ruined paint.

To improve the quality of indoor air in these homes, mechanical ventilation is very much essential. Installation of inline fans is one of the best methods of mechanical ventilation to ventilate homes affordably and efficiently to improve the quality of air.

Inline fans are generally installed in between the ducts, and therefore these are known as Inline Exhaust Fans. Generally, these fans are installed in bathrooms but not on the ceilings of the bathrooms. These fans are installed in attic spaces of bathrooms. We can install these fans in Kitchen also.

There are many uses of installing inline fans in bathrooms;

These are-

  • These fans produce less sound, so there will be no noise in rooms.
  • These fans are generally installed in the attics, so these are more powerful.
  • In these inline fans, we can install multiple exhaust points with the use of grills and WYE connectors.
  • These fans provide powerful venting to remove moisture efficiently and keep room moisture and vapour free, which are produced due to bathing and showering.
  • Motors of inline fans are long-lived, so these fans can be used for a long time.
  • We can use inline fans when ductwork is too long to exhaust efficiently.

Inline Extractor Fans are more effective than traditional mountable fans in the bathrooms, so we must use inline fans in bathrooms. The most important components of these fans include fans, interior grilles, ductwork, exterior vent and switch.